Fuel Filtration Testing
Advanced Filtration Testing-Air
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High Flow Oil Filtration

HVAC Filtration

IBR tests filtration systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and HVAC systems. Test methods are for the verification of particulate and odor removal.


Testing of HVAC and Industrial     Filters for:


  • Residential and Commercial Furnaces
  • Whole Home HEPA Systems
  • Industrial and Institutional Air Systems
  • Hospital Operating Rooms

Testing of All Major Performance Areas:

  • Particulate removal efficiency – from 0.01 – 50 micron – Per ASHRAE, ASTM, ISO, IEST and IEC standards
  • HEPA and ULPA filtration per EN1822, IEST, and ASTM
  • Particle efficiency and capacity per ASHRAE 52.2 and EN779