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High Flow Oil Filtration
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Fuel Filtration Testing

Reflecting the values and vision of its founders, SGS IBR Laboratories has been a world leader providing state of the art testing for verification of filtration performance for more than 30 years. We offer comprehensive testing services across the entire spectrum of filtration applications. Test methods are industry standards (ASTM, ASHRAE, SAE, IEST, IEC, ISO, NSF, etc.) or customized for your application. Since its inception, SGS IBR has been an active participant in the Standards Organization, playing a significant role in the development of many of the protocols commonly used by industry today.


A2LA Corporate Seal

SGS IBR is an A2LA and UKAS accredited, independent laboratory providing testing services for the detection and analysis of particulate contamination and verification of filtration performance.


Quick and Reliable

We provide accurate, rapid turnaround for critical applications in oil, fuelair and water including appliance and HVAC filtration.


Industry Experience

For more than a quarter of a century, our team of engineers have serviced clients in the automotive,  fluid power, industrialwater/pool, and retail industries. We possess the knowledge and understanding to address your business needs.


International Footprint

With laboratories in the United States and England, we have the scale to meet your needs around the globe.