Fuel Filtration Testing
Advanced Filtration Testing-Air
A2LA Accredited Lab
High Flow Oil Filtration

Automotive & Ground Vehicles

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers, in order to maintain and grow their share of an increasingly competitive global market, must aggressively pursue a process of continuous innovation and product improvement. SGS IBR Laboratories is a technically advanced resource, providing accredited, independent testing of oil, fuel and air systems for filtration performance and particulate contamination. We are active in the development of testing methods through the SAE and ISO technical committees.

  • Engine Intake: Filter capacity and efficiency for particulates including dust and soot
  • Cabin Air Filtration: Removal of both particulate and odors
  • Case Ventilation: Removal of oil aerosols both initially and after saturation. Testing at ambient and elevated temperature.
  • Engine Oil: Particulate removal and resistance to pressure and temperature cycling.
  • Fuel Systems: Particulate and water removal efficiency
  • Contamination Control: Fuel, oil and air system cleanliness and resistance to contamination