High Flow Oil Filtration
Fuel Filtration Testing
Advanced Filtration Testing-Air
A2LA & UKAS Accredited Labs

Fuel and Oil Filters – Particulate and Water Removal

SGS IBR provides testing services for fuel system and oil filters.

Additionally, we provide filter testing for transmissions, hydraulic power equipment, lubricating oils, and process fluids – such as cutting oils, and coolants.

Testing of Oil and Fuel Filters for:

  • Lubrication of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Fuel Filters for Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • Hydraulic Fluid Power
  • Full Flow Lubricating Oil

Testing of All Major Performance Areas:

  • Particle retention and BETA rating from 1 – 2500 micron
  • Resistance to pressure impulse and hydrostatic burst
  • Media migration
  • Largest particle passed
  • Permeability or clean flow
  • Resistance to temperature and process fluids
  • Removal of water emulsions
  • Pore size distribution