Fuel Filtration Testing
High Flow Oil Filtration
A2LA Accredited Lab
Advanced Filtration Testing-Air

Fuel and Oil Filters – Particulate and Water Removal

SGS IBR provides testing services for fuel systems, transmission filters and oil filters.

Additionally, we provide filter testing for transmissions, hydraulic power equipment, lubricating oils, and process fluids – such as cutting oils, and coolants.

Testing of Oil and Fuel Filters for:

  • Lubrication of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Fuel Filters for Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • Hydraulic Fluid Power
  • Full Flow Lubricating Oil

Testing of All Major Performance Areas:

  • Particle retention and BETA rating from 3 – 2500 micron
  • Resistance to pressure impulse and hydrostatic burst
  • Media migration
  • Largest particle passed
  • Permeability or clean flow
  • Resistance to temperature and process fluids
  • Removal of water emulsions
  • Pore size distribution