Fuel Filtration Testing
Advanced Filtration Testing-Air
High Flow Oil Filtration
A2LA Accredited Lab


SGS IBR is a world leader in state-of-the-art filter testing and particle counting. We provide independent, confidential testing either at our laboratories or on your site. Test methods adhere to industry standards (ASTM, SAE, IES, ISO, ANSI, NSF, MIL, etc.).  Tests may also be customized for your application.

We Provide:

  • On-site sampling and testing of process fluids and environment. This includes washer liquids, test station fluids, and ambient air.
  • Product and component particulate cleanliness testing. This includes interior and exterior surfaces as well as parts during actuation.
  • QC Test Method and Specification Development
  • Expedited testing services available, as fast as one day

SGS IBR Laboratories Operating Principals:

  1. Technically driven – fast reacting – we offer options for expedited delivery of results — as short as one day.
  2. Prompt and full resolution of testing difficulties, including resolution of the root problem.  SGS IBR has a pro-active Corrective and Preventive Action system.
  3. Responsive and interactive – relationships with customers through regular visits to and from Customers, industry wide discussions, and active participation in standards development.
  4. Continuous upgrading of advanced Instruments and equipment for filtration and filtration systems testing.
  5. Structured and consistent oversight of procedures and methods to ensure data quality and strength- utilizing regular internal and external audits.
  6. Experience in the legal defense of test data and product claims, including patent claims.
  7. Strong, long term association with, and knowledge of, the industries served as well as filtration industry in general.