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Air Filters

SGS IBR Laboratories offer a broad array of services for measuring filtration performance over a wide range of particle sizes and test conditions.  Particle sizes from 0.01 microns to 50 microns and conditions with flows up to 2000 SCFM, pressures up to 100 psig, humidity between -40C dew point and 95% RH, and temperature ranges up to 80C can be tested.

To better simulate actual field conditions, we utilize appropriate challenges including oil, latex spheres, dust, smoke, pollen, etc.  Contaminant challenges can also be incorporated into the testing process.

Whether your requirement calls for testing to exacting published standards or customized protocols to your meet specific applications, SGS IBR provides accurate and repeatable data.

Testing of Air Filters For:

  • HEPA and ULPA Filtration
  • HVAC
  • Automotive and Agricultural cabin air
  • Engine air take
  • Residential and Commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Room air purifiers
  • Face masks and respirators
  • Clean rooms
  • Compressed air – mechanical and coalescing

Testing of All Major Performance Areas:

  • Particulate removal efficiency – from 0.01 – 50 micron
  • Most penetrating particle size (MPPS) determinations
  • Monodispersed latex and oil aerosol challenges
  • Toxic fume and odor removal and capacity
  • Capacity and throughput
  • Oil coalescing filter performance
  • Clean air flow vs pressure drop – up to 10,000 SCFM
  • Motor emissions from vacuum cleaners and air purifiers
  • Automatic particle counting from 0.01 – 50 micron
  • Atmospheric dust spot efficiency